Meet A Member: Ashley DiPietro

Brick & Beam Society member, Ashley DiPietro, co-chairs the Membership & Programming committee and sits on the group's Steering Committee. 

Brick & Beam Society member, Ashley DiPietro, co-chairs the Membership & Programming committee and sits on the group's Steering Committee. 

Meet Ashley DiPietro, Co-Chair of the Membership & Programming Committee, and Development team member at Maine Medical Center. Let her share #WhyIBrickAndBeam

Q. Tell us a little about yourself (Born Mainer? Career? Off-time finds you…)

One of my favorite stories to tell about myself is that I was born in the hospital that I have since spent my entire career in. I find it especially fitting now, as a member of the Philanthropy team at Maine Medical Center, to know that my work each day positively impacts (among so many others) brand new babies and their parents who are starting their journey together as a new family – just as mine did so many years ago within the same walls. When I’m not at Maine Medical Center, you can find me eating up every precious minute with my 5 (!!) year old son, Levi or enjoying one of Portland’s many amazing happy hour spots.

Q. How did you hear about Brick & Beam? / How long have you been a member of B&B?

I first heard about Brick & Beam in its inaugural year when I was serving as a Loaned Executive for United Way of Greater Portland (learn more about the program here!) and I was immediately drawn to every single characteristic of its mission and overall purpose. The opportunity to come together with likeminded “doers” in my community to make extraordinarily tangible opportunities possible in support of early childhood education and childhood poverty in our area is one of the most rewarding things that I’m fortunate enough to be part of. This is my second year as a member and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

Q. You’re a part of B&B, clearly you’re a doer— what else are you involved within our shared community? How do you lean in?

Within Break & Beam, I co-chair the membership and programming committee with Emily Hopkins and also serve on the Steering Committee. Outside of B&B, I am a member of Maine Medical Center’s United Way Campaign Cabinet and I sit on the Board of Directors at The Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine which is my other great passion in life. Aside from these formal volunteer “jobs” I am lucky enough to have, I volunteer whenever I can – especially where the opportunity exists for me to bring my son along to partake in the activity.

Q. Lastly, #WhyIBrickAndBeam, what would you say to someone on the fence of joining this dynamic group of doers? / How can they get involved?

The barrier I hear most from peers and colleagues my age or in similar walks of life is the worry of time commitment. Brick & Beam is such a perfect emerging leaders group in that you have the flexibility to be as involved or not as your schedule allows. For example, I sit on two committees, both of which meet once a month from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM – this is doable for me. If it weren’t, I would be welcomed to be a member and enjoy all the perks – networking, membership events, various volunteer opportunities, etc. for as long as I wanted. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to join us for events and/or reach out to any current member who I’m sure would love to tell you all the reasons why s/he continues to show up for this amazing organization.