See-Suite Update: Mike Simonds, President and CEO, Unum US

First See-Suite on the books - huge thanks to Brick & Beam friend and supporter, Mike Simonds, President & CEO of Unum US, for hosting us on Wednesday, June 21st. Following the momentum of the joint Tocqueville and Brick & Beam event with guest speaker, Elaine Rosen, our inaugural event of the series focused on the timely topic of mentorship.

Here are some of our favorite quotables on being mentored and mentoring others from Mike:

"Number one, know your strengths - understand what you're good at and yes, understand the gaps... then, have bold, scary goals."

"It also boils down to consumption [mentoring] feels good, especially when you can see the mutually beneficial fingerprints on their success."

Thanks again, Mike for taking the time to talk to us about those inflection points, how to handle thinking "big" in life, and motivate this development in others.

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