Brick & Beam Society Celebrates Day of Caring’s 25th Birthday


Did you know that United Way of Greater Portland’s community-wide volunteer event, Day of Caring, recently turned twenty-five? In celebration, members of the Brick & Beam Society personified their motto as “a group of doers” and participated in sprucing up the outdoor space for the kiddos at Youth and Family Outreach (YFO).

We caught up with one of Brick & Beam’s Programming Vice-Chairs, Mike Young of Unum, and he graciously shared his takeaways with us.

“A beautiful day— full of sun and smiles” Mike said, when asked about his experience. From gathering as a community (over 1,200 volunteers!) in Deering Oaks Park—with enthusiasm building over coffee and breakfast during the kickoff rally—to hearing a mission moment with YFO’s Program Director, Camelia Babson-Haley, this Day of Caring did not disappoint.

A passerby may have seen the group on the corner of Preble and Cumberland with assorted shovels, rakes, a stray wheelbarrow or two revamping YFO’s gardens and grounds in ninety degree plus temperatures. The end result? A cleaned up playground and renovated gardens for the children who utilize the early care and educational facility.

When asked what the team might remember most of their experience, Mike summarized it best: “The kids took off into the playground and the sounds of children’s laughter reminded us of why we do this. As a small nonprofit, YFO’s resources are dedicated to the needs of the kids and they have a wonderful roster of volunteers to fill in the areas needed most… Brick and Beam’s volunteers loved the opportunity to be working outside and supporting the organizations that make the greater Portland community such a special place to live and work.”

Additional thanks to Youth and Family Outreach for hosting the team and all the work you do. For more information about YFO, please visit their website at

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